Monday, April 23, 2012

Uncle Milty's Rules for Living

Milton Glaser's Ten Principles of Living:

  1. You can only work for people that you like.
  2. If you have a choice, never have a job.
  3. Some people are toxic - avoid them.
  4. Professionalism is not enough
     (or) The Good is the enemy of the Great.
  5. Less is not necessarily more.
  6. Style is not to be trusted.
  7. How you live changes your brain.
  8. Doubt is better than certainty.
  9. On aging.
10. Tell the truth.

Of these, the only one I'm not clear on is 'on aging'. #6 is a profound statement from a man whose fame and wealth were derived entirely from an ability to generate style on demand.

That aside, there's no point in my elaborating.
These principles are meant for us to reflect on privately.

What's your manifesto for life?

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