Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Interview with Rick O'Shields (audio)

I did an audio interview last night, in which I learned (among other things) that I really need to buy a proper headset if I'm going to do Skype podcast interviews. (Seriously!)
The interview was conducted by Rick O'Shields, who is a total delight to work with. I was lucky to have stumbled on the opportunity, which he kindly offered me pretty much out of the blue. Rick has a great radio-announcer caliber voice (me, I always sound like I just got out of bed), and has been building quite a catalog of interviews over the past year both on his site and on YouTube.

The audio quality was mostly not bad, and where it was problematic was all at my end. You really don't want to be doing this sort of thing using a built-in laptop mike. (Rick rec'd a Plantronics headset, which he says he uses himself. Not a bad investment for any writer, since every writer has to self-promote and podcast-type interviews aren't a bad way to do that.)

The subjects were indie book marketing, and The Patriots of Mars. An hour and a half flew by, as far as I was concerned. Sure hope his listeners felt the same.

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