Monday, May 14, 2012

Great Book Promo Blog

Author Ben Nesvig cites Seth Godin as one of his influences, and it shows. His book promo blog is full of pithy Godin-isms, such as:

• A cook follows a recipe. A chef invents one. We have too many cooks. The world is begging for chefs.
• People would rather avoid pain than reap a reward.
• Tell a story that matches the worldview of the buyer.
• The product is the marketing. Marketing needs to be in charge of what is made. 
• When learning from someone successful, do not copy their tactics – copy their strategy.
• The secret of the web: patience. Google was a good search engine for 2 years before anyone started using it.

One of the best book promo blogs I've seen.


  1. Alright! Ben Nesvig knows how to get down to business with his "Pithy" quotes for Mind Motivation!